The problem we are trying to solve relates to the way Approval Documentation is handled

This is impacted by Safety Regulations, Export Regulations and Process complexity. Revidocs aims to:

  • Reduce costs through processes automation
  • Provide Risk mitigation through Automated processes, Recoverability & Compliance
  • Reduce costs through reducing errors and reducing waste (paper: send-store-retrieve)
  • Increase operational efficiency through Automation
  • Provide Continuous Improvements

Metsi Technologies has world class and recognised deployment and integration skills in delivering complex automation, security and cloud solutions.


Metsi Technologies is a UK based software and consultancy company, specialising in automation and orchestration software and services. One of our solutions, Revidocs, is a manufacturing execution system that eliminates the need for traditional paperwork processes and enables the adoption of electronic documentation, whilst making sure that all regulatory requirements are met in full.

The e-documents can be reviewed, signed, forwarded etc… from any location globally, with complete security. These documents are then captured and stored in a single “zip”-file for review and archiving purposes.


Revidocs was designed to help industry save costs, improve compliance and increase efficiency.

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