Metsi Technologies enable organisations to enhance security, mitigating internal and accidental threat through the use of policy, process and technology. Our Security practise focuses on three areas of Data, Identity & Cloud Security:


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  • Understanding where your critical data resides
  • Ensuring accidental and malicious leakage doesn’t occur
  • Understanding the flow of sensitive data through the network
  • Uncovering the organisation’s structured and unstructured data


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  • Managing all aspects of individuals access to business applications
  • Centralising and enforcing application access and multi-factor authentication
  • Creating an identity bridge to federate user identities for 3rd party / cloud applications
  • Security and Management of sensitive privileged user accounts

Cloud Security

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  • Ηaving complete visibility of all cloud services
  • Understanding potential risks to the business with regard to confidential information and data
  • Defining process and policy internally
  • Educating employees and stakeholders
  • Enforcing relevant governance where appropriate

Metsi Technologies are leaders in enabling organisations to enhance security, mitigating internal and accidental threat through the use of policy, process and technology.

Metsi Technologies has world class and recognised deployment and integration skills in delivering complex IT Security solutions.


At Metsi, our security vision focusses on areas such as general data protection, regulatory compliance and good security practices.

Security starts with the assets we’re trying to protect. Data is crucial. We analyse and categorise the data, whether that’s structured – like in a database – or unstructured in fileshares,  or cloud storage.

We then help you to understand the content and work out who can access it and who is accessing it.

Finally we add controls, delegating decisions to those in the business who know best and making it simple for them to do so.

Then, we look at identity. We assist in understanding who the users are, what they can do and what they should, or shouldn’t, be doing. Gaining visibility of this is a key step in any security plan. Once we know who the users are, controls can be implemented – What do they need to do their jobs? How do they get additional access? Who approves it? What happens when the user changes role or leaves their employment?

Next, we look at cloud services. Most people know of a few, maybe it’s Office 365, Dropbox or Salesforce, but what about all those that IT don’t know about – how many users are transferring corporate data to cloud services you’re not aware of? It’s often done to solve a business need, but can open up risk.

We can help identify those services, and advise how to move to approved cloud services in a safe way.

Then we move to privileged users. In many systems there’s a way of bypassing access controls – some users may have special admin access or there may be a shared account that allows users to do something special. These are often needed but can be overlooked and often it’s the admin users who pose the biggest risks.

At Metsi, our process of consulting, identifying and implementing solutions enables us to be your trusted partner.

Metsi can enable you to enhance security and mitigate internal and accidental threat through the use of policy, process and technology.

Contact us today and let us guide you along your security vision and journey.

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