Global pharmaceutical company Novartis, needed an Automated VM Solution to speed up their internal virtual server provisioning process. Their existing process took two weeks, which was simply too long for one request.

They brought in a vendor to develop automation workflows for VMware and streamline the current manual build process. The key business requirement: reduce the time it takes to build a virtual server from weeks to minutes.

“Their previous process for virtual server requests was broken,” says Metsi, a Cisco partner and an extension of the Cisco® Advanced Services team. “It was taking weeks for IT to fulfill a request, and it was a manual, labour-intensive effort for IT. They were reinventing the wheel for every new request. There was no standardization or transparency around who was doing what.” – An Automated VM Solution was needed – In stepped Metsi.

The actual business process was quite complex, requiring integration into other systems such as the configuration management database (CMDB) and backup systems. After a few months, they still didn’t have anything that worked.

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Metsi’s depth of knowledge and experience with complex integrated solutions made them a natural fit for this situation. All Metsi had to do was develop a proof of concept (POC) for an end-to-end virtual machine provisioning process in an overall automated vm solution.

“From day one with Cisco, it was ‘Metsi we trust you. . . Why don’t you come with us to the customer?’ We were really working as one team,” says Metsi.

The team delivered a proof of concept in just 10 days. Cisco ONE™ Enterprise Cloud Suite provided a unified self-service portal standardize and simplify offerings through Cisco Prime® Service Catalog. Metsi’s senior engineers used Cisco UCS® Director workflows to automate the entire build process. And the Novartis team was ready to demonstrate the solution for their CIO and leadership team in less than two weeks.


With Metsi’s custom software solution, Novartis has reduced the time to provision a new virtual server from weeks to minutes. Now Metsi is developing additional, value-added services for Novartis to provision. What started off with just a proof of concept for provisioning virtual machines is continuing on as a deep-dive, complex integration project. Metsi believes the opportunity for Enterprise Cloud Suite is tremendous, especially as companies are looking at how to transform themselves. They need the benefits of automation and orchestration to be more competitive in this landscape. Once you’re in the door, there’s a natural upsell opportunity to the other components like Cisco Prime Service Catalog.

Ten days of really intense development paid off. The demo was a success, and we achieved the goal. We were able to deliver a real solution within that short timeframe because of our integration expertise and our sprint and agile-based methodology. That just blew the socks off the customer because the other vendor hadn’t even come close after several months.”
Metsi Project Lead