Are you looking to extend your UCS Director landscape to manage OpenStack? Now you can have native, seamless integration with OpenStack as a new Cloud Type in your UCS Director implementation.

Metsi Technologies has world class and recognised deployment and integration skills in delivering complex solutions based on Cisco Prime Service Catalog, Cisco UCS Director, Cisco Process Orchestrator, Cisco CloudCenter and Cisco Intercloud Fabric.


  • Traditional integration is via custom workflows using Cloupia Script and API calls
    • Maintenance overhead and requires budget/project work
    • Once workflow triggered, no user interaction
    • Suitable for backend automation
  • Customer’s demand integration which appears “out of the box” using product UI and widgets, with the same level of support. For example ability to add new cloud types and manage new hardware devices which are not supported out of the box
  • Metsi has considerable experience in software development and API integration, and have used the UCS Director Software Development Kit to build native integration
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