Metsi provides advisory consultancy, professional services and product advice to organizations in order to deliver cloud security, business orchestration and self service solutions.

Our professional services practice is involved in Development, Enablement, Delivery and  Support of IT solutions and our holistic, integrated blueprint provide enterprises with an component based approach to enable IT to support and drive real business value.

We pride ourselves in our achievements to date which fuel customer success. Our streams of work revolve around:

  • Project Delivery

  • Levels 1-3 Support

  • IP and Solution Development

  • Vendor / Partner Enablement

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The Metsi Technologies brand continues to gather momentum and is synonymous with “Project success”, technical excellence and agility.

  • We continue to provide our customers with technical leadership, strong returns on their investments, innovation and above all, world class support.
  • Metsi continues to push the boundaries of innovation, ready to make bold decisions on adapting our portfolio and skills in order to continue to differentiate against our competition while ensuring margins remain healthy and our Services business agile and profitable.
  • Our enterprise blueprint shown below is based on proven use cases and customer success.

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At Metsi, our core values define the overall conduct and principles of our staff:

  • Focus on customers success
  • Treat colleagues as you would treat your customer
  • Easy to do business with
  • Exceed customer & colleagues expectations
  • Business integrity
  • Family comes first