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Server Privilege Management

Server Privilege Management for Windows, Unix & Linux

Control administrator / root, reduce risk, and achieve compliance on Windows, Unix and Linux servers.

Lack of control over root or admin passwords, super-user status, or elevated privileges could lead to a damaging breach or audit violation. Although least-privilege enforcement on tier-1 Windows, Unix and Linux servers is critical, IT leaders are usually unable to control what users can do after authenticating into a server. Traditional solutions are not integrated, requiring a password storage tool to manage access and a separate sudo or least-privilege delegation tool for policy enforcement. This approach is inefficient, complex and expensive – plus it lacks behavioral analysis to identify security anomalies. Only BeyondTrust delivers a truly

Server Privilege Management: The PowerBroker Solution

PowerBroker Server Privilege Management enables IT organizations to define who can access Unix, Linux and Windows servers – and what they can do with that access – via fine-grained policy control. Delivered as an integrated solution, PowerBroker enables organizations to improve server security while simplifying privileged access management deployments and reducing costs.

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