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Kubernetes for Administrators & Developers

Learn about Kubernetes architecture and deployments

This 3 day course (K8S-FT-ADM) is designed for administrator and developers and introduces students to both basic and advanced Kubernetes topics. The hands on labs are performed on the Azure Kubernetes Service. Download the course agenda here.

Why enroll

  • Gain an understanding of Kubernetes architecture and deployments.
  • Get practical skills required to spin up a Kubernetes cluster in AKS
  • Get the experience required to successfully operate and manage Kubernetes clusters

Who should attend

  • Administrators and DevOps engineers seeking an understanding of how Kubernetes handles container-based distributed workloads
  • Administrators and DevOps engineers seeking an understanding of how to spin up a Kubernetes cluster in AKS

Day 1: Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes Architecture

                  1. Containers
                  2. Orchestration
                  3. Why K8s
                  4. Cluster

K8s Deployments

                  1. Useful Commands
                  2. Access & Identity
                  3. Namespaces
                  4. Labels
                  5. Basic Networking
                  6. Ingress controller
                  7. Storage & Volumes

Lab 1: Basic concepts using Minikube

                  1. Minikube installation
                  2. Basic K8s commands
                  3. Dashboard
                  4. Command Line
                  5. Creating resources:
                  6. Pods
                  7. Services
                  8. ReplicaSets
                  9. Deployments
                  10. Ingress
                  11. Basic monitoring

Day 2: Deep Dive into Kubernetes 

Deep Dive into Kubernetes

                  1. RBAC
                  2. Advanced Networking
                  3. Service Discovery
                  4. Affinity / Anti Affinity
                  5. Volumes
                  6. Daemon Sets
                  7. ConfigMap
                  8. Secrets
                  9. Auto-Scaling App
                  10. Monitoring
                  11. Alerts
                  12. Scale K8s Cluster
                  13. Discuss AKS and Control Planes 

Lab 2: Application Deployment with AKS

                  1. Deploy an AKS Cluster
                  2. Setup AKS from CLI
                  3. Prepare application for AKS
                  4. Run application
                  5. Scale application
                  6. Update application

Day 3:  Kubernetes in Infrastructure and DevOps

Kubernetes in Infrastructure

                  1. Cluster Health/Monitoring and Logging
                  2. Cron Jobs
                  3. Advanced Deployment Configurations
                  4. Federation

Infrastructure Lab 1

                  1. Create container images from an application
                  2. Upload container images to the Azure Container Registry
                  3. Run your container images in Kubernetes
                  4. Scale an application and Kubernetes infrastructure
                  5. Update an application running in Kubernetes

Kubernetes with Azure DevOps

                  1. Develop with Dev Spaces Applications – Java – VS Code & CLI
                  2. Run applications with Helm
                  3. Develop applications with CI/CD in mind
                  4. Istio / Service Mesh
                  5. Federation

DevOps Lab 1

                  1. Using Azure DevOps Projects
                  2. Create Azure pipelines
                  3. Deploy ASP.NET Core apps to Azure Kubernetes Service
                  4. Using Jenkins
                  5. Deploy from GitHub to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

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