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Adaptive Network Automation with NetBrain

Map-driven network automation. For any workflow. On any network.

Power Your IT Projects With Automation

NetBrain was built with a mission to simplify network management. One out of three Fortune 100 enterprises uses NetBrain to bring visibility and automation to their key projects.

Automate 10X more tasks.

Less than 5% of your time is spent pushing configs. Automation should start pitching in for the other 95% on your plate.

Automate complex tasks.

It’s time we think beyond monitoring and simple scripts. To maintain uptime, we need to solve complex problems, every day.

Documentation – Let’s Solve the Documentation Problem Once and For All

Traditional network documentation methods can no longer keep pace with the pace of today’s networks. Just as Google Maps changed forever the way we think about street maps, NetBrain has redefined network documentation.

NetBrain offers a new approach: a documentation system that dynamically collects, records, and visualizes all network domain knowledge and subject matter expertise — automatically.


Troubleshooting – Find That Needle in a Haystack

Network monitoring tools are great for alerting you when something goes wrong, but they don’t help you find the cause of the problem. You’re left looking for a needle in a haystack.

In fact, you spend only 20% of your troubleshooting time fixing something; the other 80% is trying to identify and locate what’s causing the trouble. Pinpoint the problem with end-to-end visibility and automated diagnostics to cut network troubleshooting time in half.


Security – Defend Your Network Before, During, and After a Cyberattack

Proactively harden your network against security gaps and vulnerabilities such as  misconfigurations, open ports, and legacy code versions. And when (not if) your network is under attack, react swiftly to identify the part of the network that is impacted and visualize the extent of the damage in real time.


Change Management – Eliminate Plug-and-Pray When Making Network Changes

Making changes to the network is risky – a single misconfiguration can result in performance issues, or even outages, especially when new technologies and other key business initiatives are rolled out.

NetBrain allows you to automate your critical network change management workflows to validate changes and minimize human error. Collect data before the change is made, execute the change, and gather data after to analyze the impact to your environment.

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