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Automate your security without making it complex

  • We automate your security without making it complex.
  • We take a modern approach to security.
  • We can protect your important data within the datacenter, and on your PCs, smartphones or any other device.
  • We can monitor all your devices (even IOT) and provide understandable input and escalations for your SOC team.
  • Our focus is not only on North to South security, but also East to West to avoid lateral movement. Several techniques like micro segmentation, privilege anf file operations monitoring strengthen this.
  • And we enforce security based on the reputation of the device and the user, which is dynamically adjusted based on numerous parameters. And all of this under your control
  • We don’t forget third party or vendor accesses and also those are protected and regulated to comply with your whishes.
  • Let the automation do all the work for you, just like a hacker does.

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