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We take pride on our work and believe our success is underpinned by solid values such as:

Focus on customer success

We work hard to exceed expectations.
We complete our projects on time and on budget.
We stand by our work. If you think you aren’t happy with our work, we’ll make sure you are. Our success depends on your satisfaction.We operate with integrity.

Treat colleagues as you would treat your customer

We work in diverse teams consisting of vendors, partners and customers, and each are treated with respect and professionalism, working towards a common goal of exceptional experience.

Easy to do business with

We pride ourselves in being easy to work with, and adapt to your changing requirements and business dynamics.Like water (“metsi” translates “water”), we adapt. To adapt is to adjust to different conditions or environments. We are here to adapt technology to your initiatives and to help you adapt to the ever-changing demands of digital transformation. We seek to be fluid, transformative, and beneficial to all teams, technologies, and partners.

Exceed customer & colleagues expectations

Our extensive background in legacy and modern enterprise software systems enables us to deliver specific solutions to complex engineering challenges. Our team represents over 100 years of thought leadership in software engineering, and we have direct relationships with industry R&D leadership around the globe. We are the team that delivers the difficult solutions that others don’t want to tackle, or think can’t be done.

Business integrity

Throughout any engagement, we are transparent in everything we touch – from the initial conversation, carving our a solution, pricing and outcomes.

Family comes first

It might seem a little old school in the harsh realities of today’s world, but we believe family comes first. The Metsi team knows that they are part of a family that cares about their well-being and personal happiness, and that has their back. We believe that we all go farther and do better when we know we are part of a community that cares about us. When you are our customer or partner, you are part of that same Metsi family.




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